Pesteuriser (ice cream mix making machine)

Pesteuriser (ice cream mix making machine)

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Pesteuriser - Ice Cream Mix Processing Machine

BOILMATIC   (Ice cream mix processing machine)

The new range of BOILMATIC of Yes VCS INDIA pasteurisers for ice cream mixes incorporating all of yes VCS INDIA expert knowledge. It prepares, pasteurise, homogenizes the ice cream mix.


  • Compact model and elegent look.
  • The controls are easy to operate.
  • Digital display to show the temperature of ice cream mix in the tank.
  • Special designed pump blade and vessel wall creates an extream pressure to the fat globules hence ice cream mix reaches level of low homogenization.
  • Special exchange pump ensure high speed to transfer in ageing vat (BOILMATIC SERIES)
  • The output tap is designed for better cleaning and maximum hygiene.
  • Provide shelf to be fixed in order to hold the vessel during the extraction of mix.
  • Used SS pre coated sheet for out side cover.
  • Mostly used by ice cream parlours, small & big ice cream manufacturers that make & sale softy, thick shake, home made, Geleto & commercial ice creams.
  • Wheel mounted hence to shift whenever needed and lock too.

Technical Data

Model Capacity ( Liter / Batch) Dimension (WxDxH) (M.M) Power Supply
Installed Power (Watt)
BOILMATIC 50 50 495 x 910 x 1100 420/3/50 3 KW
BOILMATIC 100 100 650 x 1125 x 1160 420/3/50 4.5 KW
BOILMATIC 200 200 760 x 1320 x 1250 420/3/50 6 KW