Ice Cream Mix Making Machine

Ice Cream Mix Making Machine

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Ice Cream Pasteurizer Mix Processing Machine

PASTOMATIC 25  (ice cream mix processing machine)

The interesting scope of PASTOMATIC of Yes VCS INDIA bubbles (sanitize), blend, cool and age frozen yogurt blends joining all yes VCS INDIA master learning.

Features :

  • Compact model and elegant look.
  • The controls are anything but difficult to work.
  • Digital presentation to demonstrate the temperature of ice cream blend in the tank.
  • Special composed pump sharp edge and vessel divider makes an extreme weight to the fat globules henceforth ice cream blend achieves level of low homogenization.
  • The yield tap is intended for better cleaning and greatest cleanliness.
  • Provide rack to be altered so as to hold the vessel amid the extraction of blend.
  • Used SS pre covered sheet for outside spread.
  • The machine with air cooled condenser.(ICEMATIC and PASTOMATIC SERIES)
  • Environmental benevolent "CFC" free refrigerant and "CFC" free warm protection. (ICEMATIC and PASTOMATIC SERIES)
  • Mostly utilized by ice cream parlors, little and huge frozen yogurt makers that make and deal softy, thick shake, homemade, Geleto and business ice cream.
  • Wheel mounted thus to move at whatever point required and bolt as well.

Technical Data

Model Capacity ( Liter / Batch) Dimension (WxDxH) (M.M) Power Supply
Installed Power (Watt)
PASTOMATIC 25 25 460 x 790 x 1020 420/3/50 3 KW