2 + 1 Gravity Feed Softy Ice Cream - counter top

2 + 1 Gravity Feed Softy Ice Cream - counter top

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Mr.SOFTY G-2 BAR-G   (Gravity Feed Series - counter top)

Features :

  • Compact model and rich look.
  • New tropicalised outline bringing about high item yield with low power utilization.
  • The controls are anything but difficult to work.
  • Provide gear pump guarantee a high invade ice cream. (invade up to 80%)
  • Stainless steel solidifying barrels with direct extension cooling framework guaranteeing quick operation.
  • Provide exceptional hardness control to guarantee flawless item consistency of ice cream without fail.
  • Specially made mixers with delrin blender sharp edges.
  • Independent refrigeration to the container guarantees the blend is completely chilled both amid generation and amid break.
  • Thermometers to always control stockpiling temperature of ice cream blend inside the container at +4°C
  • Insulated administer head with three tap made of great protecting material.
  • The machine with air-cooled condenser.
  • Provide blend level marker.
  • Environmental Friendly "CFC free refrigerant" and "CFC" free warm protection.
  • Use SS pre-covered sheet for outside spread.
  • Machine accessible in two models three stage and single stage.

Technical Data

Model Hourly Production Flavors Pump Tank Capacity Power Supply Installed Power Condenser Refrigerant Dimensions
  Kg Liters 125 ml.Portion     Liters Voltage Hz Ph Kw     Width Depth Height
Mr. Softy G-2 Bar G 10 14 112 2+1 Mix No 7 x 2 220/420 50 1/3 1.3 Air R-22 460 660 785